Mission and Vision

At the School of Nursing and Health Studies, we transform lives and health care through education, research, innovation, and service across the hemisphere.


Dean Munro has issued a challenge to all SONHS students, faculty and staff.  Don’t just dream - Do.  The challenge, represented by a three-letter acronym, NOW, is as simple as the words it represents and as complex as the limitless imagination and opportunities they inspire.

Be Novel – Don’t just follow the path of those who came before, blaze a new one. Do the things that no one has ever seen or known before.  Take yourself and SONHS to new heights that have never been dreamt of.

Be Optimistic – Making the world a better place begins with believing the world can be a better place.  From educational pursuits, to community outreach, to exploring new frontiers in research, the SONHS family believes that goodness and success can pervade our reality.

Be World-Changing – Change begins with people willing to make that change.  The School of Nursing and Health Studies is dedicated to enabling every member of our family and community to make their change a reality through scholarship, diversity and inclusivity, and a commitment to responsible and ethical leadership.  Together the SONHS family can change the world.

Join the SONHS family and help us craft a new tomorrow.


Accept Dean Munro's challenge NOW!