It was in Chile that the UM SONHS’ launched its international exchange program in 2005. Since then, our students have experienced multiple opportunities for exposure to the Chilean healthcare system, for clinical observation and for student-level participation in bedside nursing through exchange agreements with Universidad Andrés Bello’s and  Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s schools of nursing. In the spirit of global exchange, Chilean students have visited UM over the last decade to observe clinical practice at our school’s community partner hospitals and learn patient care through hands-on simulation at the UM SONHS’ renowned International Academy for Clinical Simulation and Research. Our students have described their exchange experiences in Chile as “transformational” and,  Chilean students hosted by our program in Miami, in turn, have been inspired to pursue nursing advanced degrees. One of those students from Chile completed her Ph.D. at UM as a result of this program and is now a fulltime member of the SONHS faculty.