PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre

The University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS) marks its 10th year as a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) Collaborating Centre for Nursing Human Resources Development and Patient Safety. One of just 8 such recognized centres in the United States and 15 in the Americas, the SONHS has had its elite PAHO/WHO status renewed twice since 2008, demonstrating its commitment to building leadership capacity in the Americas.

Under the leadership of Dean Cindy L. Munro and Director Johis Ortega, the SONHS Collaborating Centre’s goals for the 2016-2020 designation cycle include working with the Washington, D.C.-based PAHO/WHO to:

  • Develop and strengthen nursing education in the Americas, with a focus on curriculum development in nursing care and patient safety.
  • Disseminate critical information and promote knowledge sharing regarding patient safety to enhance nursing workforce development and technical expertise in the Americas.
  • Develop and strengthen multi-center research projects in the Americas with a focus on nursing workforce development, patient safety, and health disparities.

The ultimate aim is to increase access to quality health care for all populations through an “educate the educators” framework in critically under-resourced regions. This model of teaching faculty members and clinicians to provide education to others creates a positive ripple effect that allows communities to chart their own futures.

Find out more on the PAHO/WHO Collaborating Centre Website