"A Mixed Methods, International, Multisite Study to Develop and Validate a Measure of Nurse-to-Physician Communication in Simulation", Cynthia L. Foronda, PhD, PI

This study examined the reliability and validity of the ISBAR Interprofessional Communication Rubric (IICR).

Improving education regarding communication in health care is a global priority. Communication is difficult to measure and no evaluation rubrics were located that uniquely focused on nurse-to-physician communication in simulation. The study used a mixed-methods design and included five sites. The IICR was determined reliable among nurse educator raters. The scale was found valid as assessed by nurse and physician experts. When describing their experience of using the rubric, nurse educator raters described three categories: overall acceptability of the tool, ease of use, and perceptions of the importance of communication skills for patient safety. Data collection is complete. Articles have been published in Nurse Education in Practice and Nursing Education Perspectives.