"CLaRO - Computer Assisted Family Intervention to Treat Self-Harm Disparities in Latinas and Sexual/Gender Minority Youth (CIFFTA)", Daniel Santisteban, PhD, PI

This study seeks to refine and test the efficacy of a computer assisted culturally informed and flexible/adaptive intervention (CA CIFFTA) to address this disparity and to reduce the logistical barriers that may contribute to underutilization of treatment.

We seek to refine the multicomponent CA CIFFTA treatment so that it includes new psycho-educational modules designed to serve sexual/gender minority youth. The study investigates the efficacy of a hybrid intervention (face to face and web-based interventions) delivered to both adolescents and parents when compared to treatment as usual. Analyses will investigate: 1) the efficacy of the intervention compared to Treatment As Usual, 2) the linkages between co-existing problem areas (e.g., self-harm, risky sexual behavior, substance use) to see if there is evidence for a syndemic; and 3) the relationship of culture-related variables (e.g., acculturation, familism, and Hispanic Stress) to the key factors hypothesized to contribute to self-harm behavior (i.e., depression, family conflict, substance use, and emotion dysregulation).