"CLaRO Pilot - PROGRESO-II: Developing and Pre-testing a PrEP Intervention to Promote Latina Seasonal Farmworkers' Progress in the PrEP Cascade" - Mariano Kanamori, PhD, PI

The proposed CLaRO pilot study builds on Dr. Kanamori's post-doctoral work with Latina seasonal farmworkers funded by NIMHD (P20, Pl: De La Rosa) and NIDA (K99/R00, Pl: Kanamori).

From 2014 to 2017, Dr. Kanamori designed, pre-tested, successfully implemented and evaluated-under the mentorship of Dr. The goals of this exploratory CLaRO study are: 1) develop and pre-test scientifically supported and culturally tailored PrEP materials for a social network HIV prevention intervention aimed at increasing LSFW's progress along the five positions of the PrEP cascade (Pre­ Contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action & Initiation, and Maintenance); and 2) assess the acceptability and usability of these PrEP materials by LSFWs' who use alcohol and/or illicit drugs. To accomplish our goals, we will be working with a community organization supporting LSFWs, Florida Health Department officers working on Latino HIV prevention, researchers with expertise in HIV translational programs and social networks, and clinicians with PrEP expertise. Our aims are: AIM 1. Select messages for the new PrEP component using a Delphi data collection method with six PrEP scientific experts. AIM 2. Develop PrEP materials culturally tailored for LSFWs in collaboration with Caridad Center based on results from AIM 1. AIM 3. Assess the acceptability and usability of these materials among LSFWs who use alcohol and/or illicit drugs (N=20).

This CLaRO project will lead to the submission of an R01 proposal for PROGRESO-II, which will be the first culturally-tailored social network-based HIV prevention intervention incorporating PrEP for underserved Latinas. Subsequently, PROGRESO-II can be a model for HIV prevention interventions targeting underserved women from other race/ethnicities who use drugs and/or alcohol elsewhere in the U.S