"CLaRO Pilot - Syndemic barriers and facilitators to engagement in HIV-prevention and behavioral health services for Latino MSM in Miami" - Audrey Harkness, PhD, PI

In our work at the University of Miami (UM), we are recruiting young sexual minority men with depression or anxiety and sexual risk for a multisite clinical trial.

Accordingly, the proposed study will address Latino health disparities by examining factors that affect Latino MSM’s engagement in care. Leveraging an ongoing R01 for HIV prevention in sexual minority men, we will interview (English and Spanish) Latino MSM who are HIV-prevention and behavioral health treatment engagers and non-engagers. Findings from the qualitative study to inform the measure selection for the Aim 2 quantitative assessment. We will use the quantitative data to test syndemic models of HIV testing, PrEP use, and willingness to use behavioral health services. The findings from this pilot study will be applied to develop an uptake and engagement intervention that addresses the identified barriers and facilitators for Latino MSM engaging in these needed services.