"Comparing Alcohol Screens in College (CASC)", Brian McCabe, PhD, PI

Alcohol use and abuse in college are linked to serious consequences (e.g., assault, arrests, dependence).

The standard screening question about binge drinking may over-identify students unlikely to have these consequences or to need intensive intervention. Over-identification may lead to students with the highest risks not receiving needed intervention. The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) is brief (10 items), and is expected to provide better information than the single binge drinking question. No studies have compared these tools’ ability to identify students with the highest risk of serious consequences related to drinking. The CASC study assessed undergraduates at the University of Miami Wellness.

Center with two screening tools, a psychiatric interview, and other measures of alcohol consequences. Data was collected in Fall 2014. This study was funded by a 2014 University of Miami Provost’s Research Award and a School of Nursing and Health Studies Dean’s Award. An article is currently under review, and analysis to inform other projects is ongoing.