"Developing a Telenovela Intervention to Reduce HIV Risk Behaviors among young Latina farmworkers in South Florida", Natalia Andrea Villegas Rodriguez, PhD, PI

The aim of this study is to develop a telenovela (soap opera) for HIV prevention among young Latina farmworkers.

This study capitalizes upon the unique cultural appeal of telenovelas, their potential for HIV prevention, and a community-based approach that incorporates these women in the telenovela development process. During phase 1, focus groups (n=60) will be conducted to determine the acceptability of content and delivery features of the telenovela. During phase 2 (n=60), telenovela stories will be developed using interactive performance focus groups (IPFG). This study is funded by the Miami Center for AIDS Research at Miller School of Medicine (CFAR; 30AI073961; PI: Pahwa)