"Development of a Model to Guide Evidence-Based Pediatric Nursing Practice”, Jessica Williams, PhD, PI (Nicklaus Children’s Hospital), Debbie Anglade, PhD, PI (Sylvester Cancer Center), Debbie Saber, PhD, PI (University of Miami Health)

In collaboration with Nicklaus Children's Hospital, the purpose of this project is to develop a model to facilitate the use of evidence-based practice (EBP) within pediatric hospital settings.

Three specific aims will be examined through this work: Aim 1: Evaluate the extent to which current EBP models are utilized in pediatric hospital settings. Aim 2: Assess current factors among nurses within a pediatric acute care hospital which may impact use of EBPs (i.e., demographics; research/EBP needs and utilization; evidence-based culture, knowledge, and skills; and attitudes toward EBPs). Aim 3: Identify challenges of pediatric nursing staff in using current EBP models, particularly in pediatric hospital settings. A mixed method approach will be used to address the aims of this project and will include conducting a systematic review, descriptive telephone survey, self-report anonymous survey, and focus groups.