"Disordered Eating Behaviors among Cannabis Users across the Lifespan", Denise C. Vidot, PhD, PI

This study aims to examine unhealthy weight loss practices and eating behavior among cannabis users during different stages of life.

Beginning in early adolescence and continuing through 65 years of age, this study examines multiple Centers for Disease Control and Prevention national surveys (such as the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Surveys and National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys) to determine the: 1) prevalence of disordered eating among cannabis users; 2) patterns of unhealthy weight loss behavior among cannabis users; and 3) association between unhealthy weight loss practices, disordered eating, and cannabis use. The study has completed the early adolescent and adolescent phases, with presentations at national conferences and publications in the Maternal Child Health Journal. Currently, results from the emerging adult stage are being disseminated via conference presentations and publication preparations. Analyses are ongoing for the remaining stages of life.