"DRAMA-RAMA Feasibility Trial", Anne Norris, PhD, PI

The aim of this randomized control trial was to evaluate the feasibility, effect on resistance self-efficacy, and appeal of using an avatar based virtual reality technology game (DRAMA-RAMA) as the skill building component for the Mighty Girls intervention.

This intervention builds peer resistance skills so that middle school Latinas are empowered to resist pressure from friends to engage in activities that put them at risk for early initiation of sexual intercourse. Forty-four low-income early adolescent Latinas were randomly assigned to play either DRAMARAMA or an attention control game (Wii Dancing with the Stars) after completing the classroom session component of the intervention. Results supported feasibility; demonstrated a significant game effect at posttest for peer resistance self-efficacy (F = 4.21, p< .05), but not at follow-up (F = 0.01, p = .92); and verified game appeal.