"Minority Older Women Living with HIV (MOWH)", Rosina Cianelli, PhD, PI, Giovanna De Oliveira, PhD, PI

A mixed methodology approach is used for this study to assess HIV related needs of minority older women living with HIV (MOWH).

Two hundred twenty (220) women were recruited at Jackson Health System Ambulatory Care Center. Inclusion criteria for the study are: (a) self-identify as African American, Haitian or Hispanic; (b) aged 50 or older; (c) be able to speak and read in English or Spanish; (d) self-reported as HIV positive. The results will provide 1) the foundation to increase community awareness and engagement around MOWH; 2) critical data to develop prevention programs and policies that can support MOWH and 3) information needed to improve health, well-being and develop a culture of health among this population. This study is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.