"Open Game Study", Anne Norris, PhD, PI

The primary aim of this descriptive study was to determine the appeal of DRAMA-RAMA under free choice conditions.

A secondary aim was to collect data that could be combined with feasibility trial data to evaluate whether engagement in game play was enhanced by an improved game appearance, story and interface. A tertiary aim was to use the two data sets to establish the reliability and validity of a measure of human interaction involvement adapted to assess human-avatar involvement. Results supported appeal under free choice conditions: DRAMA-RAMA was more likely to be played multiple times than the Wii (61% vs. 24%; p< .01) and those that played both games (n= 20) expressed stronger positive affect regarding DRAMA-RAMA than the Wii (p< .01). Improved game appearance, story and interface were associated with greater engagement (higher flow ratings, higher involvement scores, lower predictability ratings), and reliability and support for assessing involvement.