"QSEN-based Clinical Evaluation Tool for Student Registered Nurse Anesthetists", Greta Mitzova-Vladinova, DNP, PI

This work focuses on development of an innovative clinical evaluation tool designed for early identification of student registered nurse anesthetists (SRNAs) with suboptimal clinical performance, therefore ensuring early educational intervention and graduation of safe and competent clinical providers.

Meeting contemporary health care demands for advanced health care practitioners while maintaining high standards for patient care and safety aligns with the goals and recommendations of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) and the Quality and Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) initiative. Findings during the pilot testing of the tool were consistent with previous studies indicating that undergraduate GPA is the most reliable predictor of performance in the nurse anesthesia program. In the SONHS Nurse Anesthesia Program, early intervention and enrollment of students into a comprehensive remediation program showed promising results. Future development is focused on an electronic system for clinical evaluations using this tool. A manuscript has been accepted for publication in the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.