"Use of a Telenovela to Reduce HIV Risk Behaviors among Hispanic Women in south Florida", Natalia Villegas, PhD, PI

This study was conducted to assess the feasibility of a telenovela to reduce HIV risk behaviors among Hispanic women in South Florida.

Three focus groups were conducted with 25 Hispanic women 18 years and older to: (a) investigate Hispanic women's perceptions of telenovelas for HIV prevention, (b) collect recommendations about the content and features that should be included in the development of a telenovela for HIV prevention (e.g., topics for inclusion, setting, length), and (c) assess the types of technologies that women consider more appealing/feasible to deliver the intervention (e.g., tablet, internet using a laptop, iPod Touch). Also, complementary activities that could enhance the engagement of Hispanic women in the telenovela were discussed in the focus groups (e.g., text messages after each episode about the content of the episode, telephone line staffed by a Registered Nurse from the research team to clarify the content of the episode).