Global Health

The School of Nursing and Health Studies is committed to working within the University of Miami community to become one of the Hemispheric Leaders in education and research.  Our commitment will prepare a new generation of ethnically diverse investigators who will make discoveries that impact both local and global communities.  We are also committed to equipping the global health care workforce with skills to care for progressively diverse patient populations and to serve as leaders in an era of increasing globalization.

By cultivating relationships throughout the world with partner institutions including the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), SONHS is at the heart of varied global educational experiences and research initiatives.  Since 2008 the School of Nursing and Health Studies is designated as a PAHO/WHO Collaborating Center, pursuing advances in areas such as chronic disease care, infection control, occupational health, mental health, nutrition, and health technologies.  SONHS also continues to expand its international student exchange program and offers immersive learning experiences around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Mexico, Spain and Taiwan.

Through this network of community leaders and agencies, policy makers, national experts, and academic leaders, SONHS will help to create a better future for the global community.    We strive to eliminate global health challenges through research, training, and working within communities in order to produce effective, culturally-informed, and sustainable improvements to health.  Through these efforts our researchers seek to increase quality of life for communities around the world.   Nurses and health care professionals, who are on the front lines of patient care, bring unique qualifications to the development of evidence-based global health solutions that are both sustainable and scalable.  The School of Nursing and Health Studies’ quest to improve global healthcare delivery and population well-being exemplifies our devotion to the missions of hemispheric leadership and mission-driven research.