Areas of Research

One of the most important ways that the School of Nursing and Health Studies serves its students, faculty, partners, and the greater hemispheric community is through its commitment to Mission Driven Research.

Dedicated to bringing positive world-changing research to fruition; faculty, staff, and students at SONHS incorporate state-of-the-art facilities with interdisciplinary, evidence-based science.  As one of the three pillars of the strategic plan for the School, Mission Driven Research represents the fulcrum that balances the other two pillars.  Research is at the very heart of education that extends well beyond the rigors of an undergraduate or graduate degree, and its impact on the community outside the bounds of the University of Miami campus embraces the leadership role in our hemisphere and beyond. 

The areas of research that encompass the current missions at SONHS represent some of the most important challenges facing the world today.  From Patient Safety and Outcomes to Disaster PreparednessVulnerable Populations to Global HealthFamily Caregiving to Health Disparities, we are dedicated to improving delivery of care to patients and communities as well as influencing health systems and health policy.  To that end, this website contains information about what each research mission entails, why SONHS finds each of these areas important to study, and what we are doing to make a difference.  Here you will find research studies, publications, presentations, and profiles of our faculty experts who bring their innovation and excellence to advancing these priorities.

Nothing affects us like the unknown.
A great many patients require more than the traditional health care system can provide.

We are committed to becoming one of the Hemispheric Leaders in education and research.

Placing trust in the hands of professionals to give us the best care possible.

We endeavor to eliminate disparities in health care faced by vulnerable populations.