New First-Year and Transfer Student Registration

Welcome to the University of Miami (UM) School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS)! We are very excited you decided to join us.

As a new student, we know you are focused on making your transition to the University of Miami as smooth as possible.  Our office, the Office of Student Services (OSS), works closely with all students to empower them to take charge of their education and encourage them to prepare for the future, even before they arrive on campus.  The goal is to educate students early on so they may participate fully in all aspects of their UM experience and so they become well-equipped to engage in the future of health science, nursing, and public health as well-rounded, culturally competent individuals.

In line with our mission, we developed a comprehensive plan to help guide you through the registration process.  Everything will kick off by completing Steps 1-4 to help you develop a better understanding of your next steps. You will then be directed to complete the Academic Reference Form (ARF), which will teach you about your degree requirements and help you plan for your first semester schedule.  To cap it off, you will have the ability to participate in the Live Registration Webinar where you will have the opportunity to meet your academic advisors and receive help with any registration issues that you may encounter. 

Remember: There are numerous combinations of courses you can choose from to put together your first semester schedule.  It is important you select courses that allow you to pursue your own academic interests as you work through your degree requirements.  Follow the steps below to register for your first semester and take advantage of our summer graduation planning series which will be sent to your email as an added resource.


First Semester Registration Process

Ready to begin?  Complete the following steps in the order listed below:

Step 1: Read through the University’s New Student Registration website

Step 2: Check your UM email so you don’t miss out on important information from our advisors.

Step 3: Provide proxy access to your parent(s) or other individuals who may contact the University on your behalf.

Step 4: Become familiar with your Major and Plan of Study.

BSHS - Health Sciences Major Requirements

BSPH - Public Health Major Requirements

BSN - Traditional Nursing Major Requirements

Step 5:
Complete and submit the Academic Reference Form online.

Note: Our academic advisors will remove your Advising Hold by the end of the next business day after you submit the ARF so it is important you complete the ARF early on as you will not be able to register until your hold is removed.

Step 6: Become familiar with CaneLink before registration day.

Note: Use the CaneLink tip sheets and tutorials to learn how to search, add and register for classes.

Tip Sheets and Tutorials

Step 7: Register through CaneLink.

Note: Please make sure to check for Holds on your CaneLink account that may restrict registration.

Click here to learn how to check for Holds.

Step 8:
 Join our on Live Registration Webinar on the first day of registration.

Note: Our Academic Advisors will be available to answer questions regarding registration during this live session.

Meet your Academic Advising Team:

Last Name Assignment

Advisor Name

Contact Email

A through I

Pamela Salemi, Senior Academic Advisor

J through Q

Rachel Sylvester, Academic Advisor

R through Z

Shirley Rodriguez, Manager of Advising