New First-Year and Transfer Student Registration

Welcome to the University of Miami (UM) School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS)! We are very excited you decided to join us.

As a new student, we know you are focused on making your transition to the UM as smooth as possible.  Our office, the Office of Student Services (OSS), works closely with all students to empower them to take charge of their education and encourage them to prepare for the future, even before they arrive on campus.  The goal is to educate students early on so they may participate fully in all aspects of their UM experience and so they become well-equipped to engage in the future of health science, nursing, and public health as well-rounded, culturally-competent individuals.

In line with our mission, we developed a comprehensive plan to help guide you through the registration process.  Everything will kick off with our live Pre-Registration Welcome Webinar (optional) where you will connect with your academic advisors, develop a better understanding of your next steps, and be able to ask questions before registration begins.  You will then be directed to review the New Student Registration website and complete the Academic Reference Form (ARF), which will teach you about your degree requirements and help you plan your first semester schedule.  To cap it off, you will have the ability to participate in the Graduation Planning Webinar Series (optional) and the Graduation Planning Group Advising Session (optional) so that you can start creating your comprehensive graduation plan.  We hope you participate in each of these opportunities.

Remember: There are numerous combinations of courses you can choose from to put together your first semester schedule.  It is important you select courses that allow you to pursue your own academic interests as you work through your degree requirements.  Follow the steps below to register for your first semester, and take advantage of our optional sessions in order to construct your own graduation plan.

First Semester Registration Process

Ready to begin?  Check out the Registration Timeline and complete the following steps in the order listed below:


Step 1

Join one of the live Pre-Registration Welcome Webinar options

Click here for Recorded Version


  • What: Connect with our academic advisors and develop a better understanding of your next steps


  • Important Dates:
    • November 6th, End of Business = Access instructions sent to your UM e-mail.
    • November 7th, 6:00-7:00 p.m. EST = Webinar
:-Step 2

Read through the University’s New Student Registration website in entirety


  • What: Familiarize yourself with this basic information as it is essential for you to fully-understand how to register and plan for graduation


  • Important Dates:
    • November 6th, 6:00-7:00 p.m. EST = Webinar
    • November 7th = Begin this process
Step 3

Complete and submit the Academic Reference Form (ARF) online


  • What: Set aside approximately 45-60 minutes to complete the ARF as it will teach you about your degree requirements and help you plan your first semester schedule (Note: You cannot save and return later so it is important to complete the ARF in one sitting)


  • Important Dates:
    • November 7th = ARF opens
    • November 20th = Recommended deadline to complete the ARF
Step 4 First-Year Students

Register through CaneLink beginning on November 20th


  • What: Use the information you learned in the ARF and on the New Student Registration website, especially under the “Registration Process Using CaneLink” section, to register for your first semester schedule (Note: Our academic advisors will remove your Advising Hold by the end of business on the next business day after you complete the ARF so it is important you aim to complete the ARF early on as you will not be able to register until your hold is removed)


  • Important Dates:
    • November 20th = Registration opens
    • November 29th = Recommended deadline to register
    • November 29th – January 3rd = Academic advisors will review your schedule and provide you with feedback

Call the OSS at (305) 284-4325 to schedule a registration appointment


  • What: Meet with an academic advisor in person or over the phone to review your academic records, discuss how your coursework may transfer to the UM, and register for your first semester (Note: These appointments can last up to 1 ½ hours)


  • Important Dates:
    • November 7th = Begin this process as soon as you complete the ARF
    • November 29th = Recommended deadline to register
Step 5

Complete the three-part Graduation Planning Webinar Series and the in-person Graduation Planning Group Advising Session


  • What: Learn how to create your comprehensive graduation plan, fitting in experiences like research, shadowing, study abroad, graduate school preparation, etc.


  • Important Dates:
    • December 3rd, End of Business = Access instructions for the three-part webinar series sent to you via your UM e-mail
    • SONHS Orientation Session (TBD) = Group Advising Session


 Click here to download Registration Timeline below.

Registration Timeline

New Student Registration Timeline



Click on the BSN, BSHS, or BSPH requirements link on the left to view your plan of study and see a detailed picture of your degree requirements.

Contact the academic advisors in the OSS at or (305) 284-4325.