Sim Hospital Dedication
Sim Hospital Dedication

Transform your future and be part of our family!

Come and join us!  Become a force in this transformative new era of education and research. Whether you are a current or prospective student, a faculty member, an alum, or a member of our community, discover more about our school through our website, or by visiting us in person.  Explore our diverse and nationally accredited programs and be part of the SONHS family.
Next Generation of Research and Teaching
Visioning the Practice of Nursing for the Future

Advancements In Clinical Excellence

New Frontiers in Critical Care

Providing Quality Care for All Generations

Real World Informatics Experience

Designed to Meet Nurses Ever-Changing Needs

Unique Opportunities for Study and Practice

Providing a Strong Foundation for the Future

Innovative Practices Serving Global Communities
Fast Track to an Advanced Public Health Degree

Rich Tradition of Preparing Health Professionals
Examining issues relevant to mental health and illness

Building Powerful Partnerships with Caregivers and Educators Abroad

Transforming Lives through Education and Innovation