Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory

What has five brains, 10 spleens, and a couple dozen eyeballs? It’s the Anatomy & Physiology Laboratory at the UM School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS).

These educational models of human body parts are just one cool aspect of the school’s new lab and classroom space, which can be found on the second floor of the Schwartz Center building, Room 229. Expanded to twice its original size, the facility was opened in Spring 2019. Its modern resources and interactive equipment allow faculty to innovate hands-on, team-based activities in small groups designed to enhance the learning process. Undergraduate students pursuing the Health Science degree at SONHS, which includes pre-medicine, pre-occupational therapy, pre-physical therapy, pre-pharmacy, management/health policy, and general health sciences concentrations, must take anatomy and physiology lectures and labs offered through SONHS (HCS 212/213 and HCS 215/216) as outlined in their plan of study. Students in the Traditional BSN program at SONHS also take HCS 212/213 and HCS 215 as part of their plan of study. Human Anatomy and Lab emphasizes understanding the anatomical compartments of the human body, as well as being able to identify the bony skeleton, musculature, blood vessels, and internal organs of each compartment. Principles of Systemic Physiology and Lab emphasizes understanding the normal functions of living organisms and their parts, as well as selected pathophysiology, or processes associated with disease or injury, of various organs and systems.