Designed in every detail to enhance education, improve practice, expand knowledge, and build community, the M. Christine Schwartz Center for Nursing Education dramatically increases the School of Nursing and Health Studies' ability to meet the urgent and growing need for well-educated healthcare professionals. Ultimately, the M. Christine Schwartz Center for Nursing and Health Studies will serve to advance nursing's timeless and essential values while preparing nurses and health professionals the skills needed for excellent patient care for generations to come.

Building Overview
The world class School of Nursing and Health Studies program is widely recognized by industry experts as one of the top healthcare educational programs in the country.

In 2006, based on the tremendous success of the program, UM made a major investment in the program and moved forward with construction of a new home for the School of Nursing and Health studies. The 53,000-square foot facility, named the M. Christine Schwartz Center for Nursing and Health Studies at the School of Nursing and Health Studies boast one of the most technically advanced academic simulation centers in the country, featuring smart classrooms and multiple clinical practice labs, seminar and conference rooms, high-tech computer labs, and a state-of-the-art simulation academy, all equipped with industry leading technology.

The spacious facility supports the work of nurse scientists and clinical educators and our undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the school’s nursing and health science programs annually.

Simulation Hospital for Advancing Research and Education

The 2017 opening of the school’s new education-based Simulation Hospital for Advancing Research and Education (SHARE™) provides real-world impact in an educational setting. SHARE™ is one of the nation’s first education-based destination centers for simulation immersion. Designed to replicate functioning outpatient clinic, hospital, and home environments to allow for patient treatment across the life-span continuum, this revolutionary facility enables students and practitioners to work together as active participants in patient care.

Medel Center for Pediatric Safety and Research

The Drs. Virginia and Roger Medel Center for Pediatric Safety and Research supports education and research programs that foster quality neonatal and pediatric evidence-based practice. Research is conducted across age groups, from neonates to adolescents, with a family approach to health care. Center programs enable students to develop the skills and knowledge required to provide culturally competent care to children and their families. The center features a high-fidelity pediatric simulation lab and six faculty offices.

Smart Classrooms

Three high-technology classrooms offer an interactive learning environment and opportunities for distance instruction with clinical and educational partners around the globe. Each room features multi-functional presentation technology, allowing faculty to utilize the full range of computer-based instructional capabilities available today. Two side-by-side rooms on the first floor, 1,740 square feet each with a seating capacity of 96 individuals per room, are linked electronically to an 88-seat, 1,330-square-foot room on the third floor, creating a large “cyber auditorium.” With a combined total of 280 seats, this “cyber auditorium” is available for classes and presentations by visiting speakers around the globe.