Community / Clinical Partners

The School of Nursing and Health Studies is focused on expanding community and clinical programs to ensure the next generation of health care practitioners has the clinical and scientific experience to meet new challenges and opportunities to come.

Our diverse student body comes to Miami from across the U.S. and five continents to take advantage of exemplary experiential opportunities in clinical education, international fieldwork, health research, and simulation-based learning. A leading educator in nursing, public health, and the health sciences, the School of Nursing and Health Studies has ongoing relationships with 250-plus community, clinical, and global health partners. These partnerships provide rich on-site mentoring opportunities in a wide range of public health, clinical, and other health settings around across the state and the hemisphere. These collaborative agreements provide tremendous real-world learning experiences for our students, who work one on one with some of the area’s most talented and respected health professionals, research scientists, and industry leaders.

Among our invaluable clinical partnerships, we are proud to include some of South Florida’s leading health systems: