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The School of Nursing and Health Studies is dedicated to supporting bold and visionary research that will improve delivery of care to patients and communities as well as influence health systems and health policy across the hemisphere and around the world.

Telomere Health and ICU Outcomes

Faculty study awarded Research Impact Grant.

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Is Cannabis Heart Healthy?

Denise C. Vidot awarded $2.9 million NIH grant to study how routes of cannabis administration affect heart disease risk.

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Miami-Mexico Health Research Funded

SONHS to collaborate on studies addressing chronic and non-communicable diseases.

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Taking ‘Baby Steps’

NICU nurses make virtual house calls with new grant.

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Center for Latino Health Research Opportunities (CLaRO)

CLaRO focuses on substance abuse, violence/trauma, and HIV/AIDS (SAVA) syndemic conditions affecting vulnerable Latino populations, including seasonal farmworkers, sexual/gender minorities, and youth.

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Familias Unidas

Familias Unidas ® is a multilevel family-based intervention designed to prevent substance use and sexual risk behaviors in Hispanic adolescents. The program is influenced by culturally specific models developed for Latin Hispanic populations in the United States and abroad.  The in person version of Familias Unidas is delivered primarily through multi-parent groups, which aim to develop effective parenting skills. The multi-parent groups, led by a trained facilitator, meet in eight weekly two-hour sessions. Each group has approximately 15 parents, with at least one parent from each participating family. Sessions include problem posing and participatory exercises. Group discussions aim to increase parents’ understanding of their role in protecting their adolescent from harmful and risky behaviors and to facilitate parental investment. The program also includes four one-hour family visits in which parents are encouraged to apply the newly learned parenting skills while interacting with their adolescent.

Familias Unidas is the only behavioral intervention program designed specifically for Hispanic adolescents and their families that has been shown to be efficacious and effective in preventing and reducing substance use and sexual risk behaviors. Familias Unidas is recognized as an evidence-based program by a number of different registries and national agencies, including the CDC and Blueprints.

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